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Brass Coffee Table

This vintage mahogany wood glass removable tray top coffee table is a sterling alternative for the modern coffee table lover, this table is manufactured of brass, and will also be a best-in-class addition to your home décor. The table imparts animal feet, making it facile to move around the room.

Antique Brass Coffee Tables

This vintage Brass coffee table is a first-class addition to all room, the coffee table is fabricated of Brass and is in first-rate condition. It is if with other antique Brass coffee tables on the stand, this mid-century modern Brass coffee table is an outstanding choice for a small home or office. The swivel headliners and comfortable positions for four people and the large seating surface make it basic to get into each others stories, the table is further beneficial for being able to watch people come and go or to hold a meeting in a comfortable and relaxed setting. This hollywood regency Brass coffee table is first-class for your home and is featuring a bevel glass 31"x22"x17" tablecloth, this table is a beneficial addition to your home and is first-rate for use as a coffee table or bar table. This vintage solid Brass coffee table is a fantastic surrogate for shoppers that desire the tradition look of a solid Brass table and title, this table is from the 'mastercraft' line of products from master craft coffee ware, and features a glass top table surface and a Brass base. The table is sensational for any space with a mix of users and guests, as it can handle many cups of coffee simultaneously.