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Coffee Table Cast Iron Legs

This Cast Iron coffee table leg set is an unrivaled substitute to add a touch of elegance to your home décor, these Legs are options at 16" to 40" long, and are made of metal for a strong and sturdy construction. The 16-40 Cast Iron table leg set is a splendid way for a single room or multiple tables, and can be finished in a variety of colors and styles.

Coffee Table Cast Iron Legs Walmart

This Cast Iron coffee table is an exceptional set of Legs for your home, the Legs are 8 inches in diameter and are black 8-30. The coffee table offers a small hole in the bottom for a coaster and an 1-inch hole in the top for a notepad, the top of the coffee table is further adorned with black screws and an 1-inch hole for a cooktop. The table effortless to clean and is exquisite for any home décor, this coffee table Cast Iron Legs heavy duty metal desk Legs diy furniture are beneficial for any home. The Cast Iron Legs are made of durable materials that will last long and are facile to clean, the table gives a stylish look and feel. This is an excellent Cast Iron table for a beautiful home with a modern look, the Legs are different style with a coffe table top. This table is a first-class substitute to add a modern look to your home, the Cast Iron Legs have ao-frame Cast Iron side table leg end table console. This table presents a Cast Iron table top with table in the center, the table gives a future industries Cast Iron top and bottom. The Legs are old industrial Cast Iron base and are covered in flaws, giving 2 x industrial furniture Legs Cast Iron dining coffee table is a higher end look, the table is with good quality materials and is sewn together with good seams. The table is a good size for a small kitchen and extends some added features for extra convenience.